The consulting, supervision and design unit of Petronir Company is organized by employing experienced experts and efficient technical personnel in such a way that by using valid software and standards in the field of design and engineering of electrical and instrumentation, it is able to provide all engineering services of projects, especially in Oil, gas and petrochemical industries. Relying on the experience of its experts, it is able to carry out engineering projects as well as the modernization of control systems, electricity and instrumentation of process units in the oil, gas and petrochemical sectors in particular and other industries in general. Some of the activities of these affairs are as follows.

  • Feasibility studies and technical-economic justification
  • Conceptual design
  • Basic design
  • Detailed design
  • Purchasing engineering services
  • Engineering services for workshop implementation and supervision
  • Excellent engineering consulting and supervision services
  • Providing engineering services during operation and optimization of facilities and industries


The installation and execution unit of Petronir Company has been established since 1989 with the aim of providing installation, pre-commissioning and commissioning services of control, electrical and instrumentation equipment to the oil, gas and petrochemical industries. Electricity and instrumentation are available to the company, which fully covers the needs of these two sectors.

Below is a list of activities required to install equipment in the two sections of electrical and instrumentation separately. 

Electrical equipment department

  • Manufacture and installation of electrical device supports
  • Installation of trays, cable ladders and electrical conductors
  • Installation of electrical equipment
  • Installation of power and distribution transformers
  • Installation of medium pressure panels, low pressure, MCC, protection panels and control of high pressure substations
  • Installation of ground connection system and lightning protection
  • Perform cabling operations (high pressure, medium pressure, low pressure and control) and install ducts
  • Installation of lighting systems, fire alarm, internal telephone, speaker, intercom, CCTV, UPS and battery
  • Installation of cathodic protection system
  • Installation of systems related to electrical control and supervision
  • Carrying out pre-commissioning operations of high and medium pressure substations and preparing As-Built documents

Control section and instrumentation

  • Calibration of instrumentation, control valves and safety valves
  • Manufacture and installation of instrumentation supports
  • Installation of trays, cable ladders and instrument kits
  • Construction and installation of tool-hooks
  • Installation of instrumentation devices
  • Installation of control panels, interlock and local and control room equipment (analog, CDCS or fieldbus)
  • Carrying out air piping and other plumbing and installing pipes related to instrumentation systems
  • Installation of analyzers and PLC devices
  • Installation of Junction Boxes and Instrument Cables
  • Installation of ground connection systems related to instrumentation devices
  • Perform Loop Checking of Instrumentation Systems and Prepare As Built Documents
  • Perform installation, commissioning and commissioning of DCS control system


 The testing and commissioning unit is established with the aim of providing services, commissioning and commissioning of electrical equipment and instruments to various industries and provides these services to newly established units as well as operating units that need to be rebuilt or increased capacity. Another reason for the possibility of working simultaneously in several projects is the sufficient number of specialized manpower, technicians and skilled workers that the company has attracted over the years and during the implementation of projects and has been able to use them continuously and practically always ready them. Use at your disposal. This company has different experiences in the following fields.

  • Oil, gas and petrochemicals
  • Steel, cement industries
  • Metro, Mono Rail
  • Data Center Infrastructure, Factories


The purpose of creating this section is to increase and upgrade the level of knowledge of experts, especially at the operational levels, in order to prevent the repetition of accidents and unwanted outages by careful analysis.

Performance analysis of Relay SEPAM-S20 and Relay 7SJ80


Analysis of the effect of motor reverse current on relay performance


Fault earth fault analysis in 33 kV busduct
Short circuit error analysis